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"Loki... is the creature who transgresses all boundaries; even more significant, Loki represents the boundary itself... Loki may most properly be seen as representative of more than either the boundary or the boundary crosser; in the character and role of Loki, the boundary, difference itself, has collapsed. But to say that it 'has collapsed' implies its prior existence, and this does not adequately describe Loki. In Loki that opposition has never been created; what is elsewhere two is one in Loki." -- Karen Swenson

Loki spoke: "Remember, Othin, | in olden days
That we both our blood have mixed;
Then didst thou promise | no ale to pour,
Unless it were brought for us both."

This is a journal that is a part of sixwordstories and fanfic100 (also known to hang around theatrical_fen from time to time) and I am in no way trying to say that I am actually Loki, just playing a bit of pretend.
Oh yes, don't take his icons at face value. They're a whole crapload of various photos that felt like they fit a particular mood. Think on that instead of "this is what he actually looks like". He's a shapeshifter, anyway, so what does it matter? :) For the record, I am analise.

"borrowing" things, aesir, ambivalence, amusing myself, angrboda, antagonist, anti-heroes, asgard, bad fantasy films, being a nuisance, being in opposition, being sly, being someone's counterpart, being the accuser, being tricksy, blood-brothers, booze, brisingamen, candy, causing controversy, change, chaos, chocolate, cleverness, clowns, contrivers, cross-dressing, cunning machinations, danger, drinking, drinking mead, eddas, eloquence, ending everything, farbauti, fenris, fire, folklore, fooling, freya, frigg, frustrating others, fubaring shit, gods and goddesses, having fun, having vengence, heimdall, hel, hodur, humor, idun and her lovely...apples, individuality, insanity, intelligence, inventiveness, isca lox, jormungand, jotnar, jotunheim, jotuns, laufey, legends, liquor, lokabrenna, lokasenna, lokeans, lore, madness, making trouble, manipulation, mayhem, me, methos, midgard, mischief, mocking others, mythology, new religions, norse goddesses, norse gods, norse legends, norway, not baldr, not being bound, not order, odd antiques, odin, old religions, ordeals, people, power, pranks, pretending to be nice, ragnarok, runes, sacrifice, sarcasm, scandinavia, sex, shagging, shameless irreverence, shape-shifting, shit-eating grins, sif, sigyn, sirius, skahdi, skidbladnir, sleipnir, stirring up trouble, stories, storytelling, svadilfari, teasing everybody, telling lies, telling stories, telling truths, the norns, theatrical muse, thievery, thor, toying with religious fanatics, transgendered cross-species sex, transgenders, tricks, tricksters, twinkies, vali, vanir, vikings, voluspa, wearing masks, wit, wolves, wordplay, wreaking havoc, yggdrasil